Updates: Covid 2020 Event Announcemnts

Silver State Olympus Leather, Las Vegas, NV April 4, 2020 postponed.  Next event TBD check silverstateolympus.com for updates.

Central Canada Olympus Leather, Ottawa, ON Canada, May 23, 2020 postponed. Next event estimated March 2021 check centralcanadaolympus.com for updates
Great Plains Olympus Leather, Dallas, TX June 12, 2020 postponed. Next event TBD check greatplainsolympus.com for updates.
Olympus Leather Weekend, San Diego, CA June 26-27, 2020 postponed till 2021 Info update weekly at OlympusLeather.com
Show Me Olympus Leather (and SHOW ME LEATHER) July 24-27, 2020 is postponed until further notice, updates on the ShowMe Leather FB Page.
Olympus Leather producers have agreed that all summer events should if not already postponed be monitored closely through September 2020.  
Updates about all Olympus Leather events will be at the top of each of their website homepages.

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2019 International Olympus Leather Contest Results

Chicago, Il

Leather Archives & Museum

International Olympus leather was held in Chicago Illinois May 3-5 2019. Producer Vonn Tramel is thrilled to announce this year’s winners Rayna kitten International Ms Olympus Leather 2019, Ferris Oxide International Mx Olympus Leather 2019, Randal boy glovez International Mr. Olympus Leather 2019.

Head judge Fred Anderson won the Leather Rhodes Service Award for his continued participation and outstanding community service to Olympus Leather and his home community.

There were many additions and change is to the Olympus Leather Organization at the local, regional, and international levels. West Coast Olympus Leather Producer Anthony Harmon passed the West Coast Producers torch to Rayna kitten and Mina Fatale. Several new local titles were announced including North Carolina, Kansas, Show Me Olympus Leather in Missouri, and Nevada rounding out the additions with Silver State Olympus Leather. Anthony Harmon was then named Contest Producer and Vonn Tramel announced she would be focusing her efforts on the expansion of the organization and administrative efforts to improve Olympus Leather Weekend so that there could be continued space for the group to grow.

The weekend was held in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood at the new Hampton Inn North Loyola Station, Uncommon Grounds, and at the LA&M. Karen Ultra Emceed the contest and lit up the stage in a neon orange dress and blonde wig.

Friday Karen Ultra was joined by special Guest Laura Antoniou at the LA&M for a special MST3000 (that’s master and slave three thousand for those of you keeping score) edition of 50 Shades Darker. The crowd participation was fantastic as the sharp tongue and wit of both these women made the thin, impossibly implausible plot bearable, just like both the featured asses in the not-so-blockbuster d-list film.

The date and location of the 2020 Olympus Leather Weekend is yet to be determined.

Hampton Inn Loyola Chicago OLW 2019

Hampton Inn Chicago North Loyola Station
1209 W. Albion Ave., Chicago, IL 60626

Friday and Saturday night rates: $185 two night min.

Shoulder nights are currently as of 2/3/19 at 9am pst are still 185.00 a night. Though we cannot guarantee how long those rates will remain in effect.

To reserve your rooms: Call Hampton Inn central reservations at (1-800-426-7866) to book a room under the "Olympus Leather" rooming block.

Be sure to inform them the name of the room block is “Olympus Leather” or use the group code "OPL". This will help the reservations agent look up the group block.

The hotel is a short 2 block walk from the Archives, a 4 block walk to Touche where some of the weekend events will be occuring.

Valet Parking: 35.00 USD

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wild west olympus leather FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

August 20, 2018


Contact: Trixie Lafontaine, Tucscon, AZ



WWOL Producer Trixie La Fontaine is happy to announce that she’s taking Wild West Olympus Leather 2019 to the new Rebooted - BCD October 5-7, 2018 in Tucson, Az.

Wild West Olympus Leather is the regional Olympus Leather Contest comprised of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.   Residents of these states that wish to represent Mr Ms or Mx (in alphabetical order) Olympus Leather Titles should contact Trixie Lafontaine or go to our website http://wildwestolympus.com/compete/wwol-contestant-application for an application to compete before September 21, 2018.

Central Canada Olympus Leather 2012

Central Canada Olympus Leather 2012

August 24-26, 2012

This year's Central Canada Olympus Leather will take place on August 24, 25 and 26 at Swizzles Bar and Grill. The theme is "Radio BDSM 69.9 FM: Spank You for the Music". August 24 will feature Kink-aoke, a night of karaoke and kink, where the CCOL contestants will draw their numbers.

Saturday will feature interviews with the judges in the morning. The Central Canada Olympus Leather contest and kinky cabaret will take place from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. A transgendered "Best Legs" contest will also be held.

On Sunday, kinksters are invited to march in the Pride parade and to enjoy the picnic afterward.

Returning as head judge this year will be Dave Rhodes, editor of The Leather Journal. Assisting him will be the outgoing titleholders, Count Jeff and Bad School Girl, as well as our permanent transgendered judge, Zelda Marshall. A fifth judge will soon be named. Sheryll Townsend will return as tally mistress.




Jean T 2012

Ottawa, August 25, 2012 -- Jean Taillefer was chosen as Mr. Central Canada Olympus Leather 2012 at this year's Ottawa Leather Fest (August 24-26). Jean is a member of Delta, has attended Hellfire, and is a long-time leatherman and BDSM practitioner.

Since there was no new female titleholder, the outgoing Ms. Central Canada Olympus Leather 2011, Bad School Girl, will help out whenever she can.

The Ottawa Leather Fest weekend began on Friday night with "Three on the Third: Spanking, Paddling and Caning", as well as a fabulous show with Deedee Delight and her drag queens and kings.

The contestant interviews were held on Saturday morning, with Dave Rhodes, editor of The Leather Journal, as head judge. The other judges were Miss Jenn, Zelda Marshall, and the outgoing titleholders, Count Jeff and Bad School Girl.

The Olympus Leather contest itself took place on Saturday night, along with a kinky cabaret of entertaining numbers and skits, and the return of the transgendered best legs contest (won by Tina).

Several awards were presented. Among others, Ryder and slavejade won Total Power Exchange Couple of the Year. Mr-Bit and sueprize received the Community Builders Award for bringing a chapter of Masters and Slaves Together (M.A.S.T.) to Ottawa.

For her outstanding efforts on behalf of Olympus Leather and Mr. Leather Ottawa, Zelda Marshall won Fundraiser of the Year. She was also named L.A.D.Y. (Leather Ambassador in Drag of the Year) 2012.

Sunday was Pride Day. Several groups participated in the annual parade, including the Ottawa Knights levi and leather club, and members of Ottawa's BDSM community. After the parade, outside Ottawa's city hall, an information fair was held, showcasing several community groups, as well as some great stage shows.

A taste-tempting annual dinner at The Buzz, a local restaurant, wrapped up Ottawa Leather Fest weekend.



Ottawa, April 27, 2015


Ottawa Leather Fest XI will take place from July 31 to August 2, 2015. The theme this year is “The Pillars of Hercules”.

Honored guests are C.C. from Florida, Chair of Leather Leadership Conference, and Master T’Hayla Ferguson, co-leader of MAsT Toronto and recipient of Heart of the Flag Federation’s 2013 Woman of the Year award.

There will be a Friday-night Meet and Greet, with a screening of the documentary “Kink”. Saturday will feature seminars including “Master Class: Life Lessons from Respected Masters”. Saturday evening will be dedicated to the Kinky Cabaret and Central Canada Olympus Leather contest.

This year’s judges are C.C. (head judge); former Central Canada Olympus Leather titleholders, Ottawa Bondage and Bad Schoolgirl; Zelda Marshall (permanent trans judge); and Shade Nyx, Ms. Capital Leather Pride 2014-2015. Rounding out the panel, as tally master, will be former Mr. Central Canada Olympus Leather, Count Jeff.

As further information becomes available, it will be posted on www.fetlife.com and www.mloh2002.lynnsplace.ca.

- 30 –

Alex Wisniowski
Producer, Ottawa Leather Fest

Friday Night Cogs and Corsets / A Steampunk Gear Fest

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2018 GPOL Judge: slave boo




MAY 29, 2018


slave booSlave boo named one of 5 judges for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest.  The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 9, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

Boo is involved in charity work, the 2 charities that she devotes her time to are Youth First and 22 Until None. Youth FIrst is an organization in Dallas that helps LGBT youth. Her Master's household the Wulfe's Den, has cooked dinners, provided art and school supplies, donated a trailer for the Pride Parade, and much more. 22 Until None is an organization dedicated to veterans and helping them overcome PTSD, and suicide prevention. She is the owner, and founder, of Boots and Bikes. Boots and Bikes brings all aspects of the community together to raise money for 22 Until None by washing motorcycles, and blacking leather!

The Wulfes Den is a community, charity, and activism household of more than 20 members. Their goal is to provide support to their local community, and the first rule is that each member is required to give back, volunteer, donate, or work in the community.

Winner of the 2016 Pantheon of Leather South Central Regional Award.

2018 GPOL Judge: Pup Axel




MAY 29, 2018


pup axelPup Axel named one of 5 judges for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest.  The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 9, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

Pup Axel has been in the lifestyle for 11 yrs now. As of 2018, he is the new Contest Director for the International Olympus Leather Contest. He had the privilege to win 1st runner up International Mr Olympus Leather 2017, and hold the Mr. GPOL title in 2016. Pup Axel has taught several classes on pup play at different events. He loves pup play, bondage, cigars and electro to name a few kinks.

When not teaching you can find him in the kitchen or outside with his fur babies .

Winner of the 2016 Pantheon of Leather South Central Regional Award.

2018 GPOL Head Judge: Dan Perry




MAY 29, 2018

dan perryDan Perry named Head Judge for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest. The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 9, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

I am a native Texan and glad to call Dallas my home. I am glad to be one of the men of Discipline Corps in Dallas and an ex-officer. I am also a member of Delta International and served as secretary. I was the founding chairman of North Texas Council of Clubs and am chairman emeritus of their annual event Fall Frolick. Other clubs I am a member of are NLA-Dallas, TGRA Dallas Chapter, United Court of the Lone Star Empire and I am an associate member of the Misfits Houston along with Lone Star Highwaymen, Leather Knights, SLUTS, T Bears and Firedancers of Dallas and several other clubs around the country.

I am also a proud member of Mama’s Family as Mama’s Dear God Agnes, Mama’s Matriarch and Mama’s Corest Bitch. In 2007 I was selected as Flesh and Fantasy Man of the year. In 2011 I was selected as South Central Person of the year for Pantheon of Leather.

I was the owner and producer of Mr. Texas Leather and Ms Texas Leather. I was also the producer for Gulf Coast LeatherSir boy and community bootblack. I have judged many local and regional contest.

I have taught demos at many events both public and private around the country. I have been active in the Leather Community for 35+ years. I am well versed in many areas of BDSM play but bondage, mummification, wax and percussion are my favorites.

I have many friends in the Leather Community in Dallas and across the country. I am thankful for those friends and mentors. They have been the ones that have taught me along the way and have shown me my place in the community. I enjoy teaching and helping others in their quest for information. I believe we have a duty to give back to community and others what has been given to us. Pay it forward.


2018 GPOL Judge: Christopher Stinnett




MAY 29, 2018


christopher stinnetteChristopher Stinnett named one of 5 judges for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest.  The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 8, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

Christopher Stinnett is a native of Fort Worth TX and a resident of Dallas since 1989. He has been working his way in from the fringes of the Leather community since arriving in Dallas - Fort Worth not having a visible Leather scene in the late 80s.

He has been a member of Discipline Corps, NLA-Dallas, and reigned as Emperor XL (40) of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire.

Christopher is a past member of Turtle Creek Choral, having sung twenty-two years with the ensemble and having served eight years on the Board of Directors of TCC, Inc.

He currently serves on the Board of the SSC Fund.

Christopher is retired and enjoys traveling, cooking and hanging with friends.


2018 GPOL Judge: Master Gator




MAY 29, 2018


master gatorMaster Gator named one of 5 judges for the 2018 Great Plains Olympus Leather Regional Olympus Leather Contest.  The Contest will be held in Dallas, Texas June 8 & 9, 2018 at the Dallas Eagle.

The story of Master Gator started a long time ago in a state far away… being raised between a military father and an “equality for all” mother, his understanding of free chose and the need for rules of a society modeled how he saw the world. When it came to adult orientated material, he found that the once with dominate / submissive flavor to them were the once that he found touched him the deepest.

As he grew into adulthood he looked for those partners who would fit with his desires. During this time it was looked down on very harshly to be seen as wanting to dominate another human, but the heart wants what the heart wants. He was not alone; there were others who shared his desires. They did not always work out, but with each new partner they both learned and grew. Then, in September of 1999 his future wife drug him (kicking and screaming) to an NLA meeting. There he found whole groups of people who shared some of his interested and many more interests he had never thought of. There he found the support, guidance, & examples, he was looking for to understand and accept who he is.

During Gators time in the leather community he has been honored with his leather Master’s cover, presented by several of the covered Masters of the Dallas area in November 2010 for his steadfast support of the leather and kinky communities.

Master Gator has reached that part in his life and his growths, where he can give back to the community that has done so much for him.

#OLW2018 Hospitality Suite Schedule

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Welcome to Olympus Leather Weekend 2018! Hospitality parties will be happening all weekend staffed by International Olympus Leather volunteers and hosted by a variety of community organizations!


The Leather community is comprised

of an extremely diverse group of people

Olympus Leather Titles are a platform

for non-biased community visibility.

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The Olympus Leather Mr/Ms/Mx

International & Regional Titles seek

to advance equity in the leather

community for all persons.

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